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Real Estate Resale Inspection
Inspection of the septic system at the time of the real estate contract tells you what kind of system you have, whether or not it is functioning, and what it's going to cost, repair, and maintain.

Read more about inspection services and why it is important to pump and inspect.   

Septic service descriptions and costs.

Pumping removes the sludge build up in the tank so it does not over flow the tank into the disposal field leading to clogging and costly repairs.  

TCEQ recommends, for a family of four with a 1000 gallon tank, pumping every 3-5 years for a conventional system and every 2 years for an aerobic system.  Need varies depending upon family and tank size.

Read more about in Why Inspect & Pump and Helpful Hints.   

When your septic system needs repair, our goal is to be on site that day.  Realtors, we are aware of the time sensitive demands of the real estate transaction and are geared to handle bids and repairs quickly.

System Design and Installation
Turn Key “Installation Package” for installing a new septic system.   

Read about septic tank design and installation.

We provide consulting for any question or septic need you have. If you can’t find your answer on this website call us at 512.380.9024 or Contact us.


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