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Jan Witt - Rainbow Septic Services - Inspections, Pumping, Repairs, Installations
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"Best Septic Company"
About Us 

We make  a "dirty job" Fun, Quick, Easy & Cost Effective!!! 

Rainbow Septic has helped keep Austin's septics flowing since 1999

Rainbow started with resale inspections for potential homeowners. As our clients needs expandede so did our services.  Over our 21 years,  we expanded our sevices to include resale inspections, tank pumping,  site consultation, On-Site Septic Education, and Turn-Key Septic Installtion   

In 2006, Rainbow Septic was honored with Austin Chronicle's Award for "Best Septic Company". 

Rainbow Septic understands the real estate transaction and knows first hand how essential it is to ensure the buyer gets accurate information about the mechanicals on a property.  We are geared to move the buyer smoothly through the septic inspection process during option periods

Licensed TCEQ Septic Installer 1-Basic Aerobic Maintenance Provider
With over 21 years of combined experience in the septic business, Rainbow Septic staff has thorough knowledge of older systems as well as new technologies entering the marketplace.  They know which neighborhoods are prone to flooding, and which neighborhoods will soon have city wastewater services.  They know which technologies are most cost effective and how best for the homeowner to reduce operating costs.  Rainbow Septic "has seen it all"!  When you're investing your money, you want someone with experience and knowledge. 

Ongoing Education 
Septic technology is changing rapidly to meet the demands for better water quality.  As neighborhood densities increase, environmental concerns are prompting regulations calling for safer ways to dispose of wastewater.  

Rainbow Septic keeps our clients abreast of this rapidly evolving industry and changing government regulations.  

So Call US    512.380.9024   and we will put on our boots and leather gloves and go to work for you!


Nicole King
Operations Manager
Clebrating 5 years!

Steve Bartlett

Business Development

Tom Wilkins
Head Inspector
TCEQ Installer 1
Celebrating 15 years!

Solving Your Septic Needs: ReSale Inspections, Pumping, Installations, and Education

Rainbow Septic
Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop