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Jan Witt - Rainbow Septic Services - Inspections, Pumping, Repairs, Installations
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Jan Witt - Rainbow Septic - Why Inspect & Pump
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After completing all the required information below    cIick 'SUBMIT' to email us your order. 

We will call to confirm reciept, review prices and schedule service within 24 hrs.  For more immediate response, please call our office 512.380.9024 or email:

Detailed description of costs and services go to  HOMEBUYER SERVICES/Order Services

Septic Services
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Cash, check or Visa/Mastercard accepted. 
Payment is due at time of services. 
 If you are unable to be present at the time of  service, a credit card is required to hold the appointment.

In scheduling these services, the client grants RAINBOW SEPTIC, INC. permission to enter service address for the purpose of conducting these services. Client acknowledges that services may involve digging/excavation of soils and driving a large heavy truck on the driveway.  Digging involves risks to underground lines (electric/water/cable/sprinkler) and driving on the property involves risks that the property (driveways, trees) could be damaged.  Rainbow Septic will use ordinary care to avoid causing damage but it is possible that damage will occur.  Client agrees to mark or disclose all underground line and any condition of the driveway that makes it unsuitable to withstand the weight and size of a heavy truck.  By scheduling the services, the client agrees to release Rainbow Septic from any claims arising from damage to unmarked underground lines and driveway.

Solving Your Septic Needs: ReSale Inspections, Pumping, Installations, and Education

Rainbow Septic
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