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List of Services


Site Consultation for Raw Land/Vacant Lot Purchase

Turn Key System Design & Installation

Septic Records



Locate and uncover the inspection ports of the septic tank(s) and pump out the contents 

                                           Digging/Locating Lids:   $25 per 15 minutes
                                           Pumping Fee:     $4
25   up 1000 gallons    Minimum fee
                      Additional fees based upon gallons pumped over 1000 gallons.  Call office for quote

*when ordering please confirm  the pump truck (14 ft high x 10 ft wide x 36 ft long)  can drive within 100 feet of the septic tank and there is less than 30 percent grade.  Are there  low hanging limbs, a curved driveway, steep incline, or improvements over tank lids?
*If tanks are not accessible a $195 minimum truck fee will be charged, which includes 30 minutes of digging. 

Septic System Records
There are records for most septic systems on file with the governing authority.  Let us know if you would like a copy of your system records.    FREE ..order now

Site Consultation for Raw Land/Lot Purchase

Prior to purchasng a raw piece of land or vacant lot,  it is important to determine if a septic system can be installed  to accomodate proposed infrastruture (house, guest house, pools, driveway, well, propane tanks, etc) at a feasible price .  Each site is unique and to provide a definitive answer requires a site visit  

Our septic designer meets on site to discuss proposed improvements, location of those improvements and walk the site looking at the topography, vegetation, location of water sources, easements and setbacks.  Only then can it be determine if improvements can be permitted by the governing authority and septic system installed

Estimated installation costs will be discussed, however a Turn Key Bid cannot be provided until profile holes are dug and the exact system to be installed is determined. 

Septic Design & Installation

Rainbow Septic provides a Turn-Key Septic Installation Package which walks you seemless through the process of site evaluation, design, permitting and installation. 

Please hit to "ORDER" button and our instllation coordinator will contact you.   Or contact, Tom Wilkins, directly, 512.554.2130

On-Site Septic System Education

On-site consultation to educate you about your system system, it's proper use, and best maintenance practices.  Best practices will prolong the life of your septic system and it is  SO VERY HELPFUL to know about your system when you are trying to communicate to repair personnel!!! 

Repairs      Rainbow Septic is not currently performing repairs

Hit the "Order" button and we will send you a list of licensed repair companies whom our clients have had good experience.   The internet is also a good source.   Reminder: Code requires repairs to be made by a Licensed Septic Installer.

Solving Your Septic Needs: ReSale Inspections, Pumping, Installations, and Education

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