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Septic Installation 
Rainbow Septic provides a seamless turn-key Installation Package which can take you from concept to flushing toilets.  The information below serves as a guideline for understanding some of the processes and procedure we coordinate. 

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality sets the minimum standards, rules and regulations for installation of a septic system in the state.  Each local governing agency adds additional rules and regulations.  Current standards (there are some exceptions) require all systems to be engineered and permitted by the governing agency at the time of installation.
Step 1        Site Evaluation                       
The site evaluation is performed by a licensed engineer, registered sanitarian, or site evaluator to determine what type of septic system the site will accommodate. It takes into consideration topography, soil type, size of dwelling, location of water sources, lot size and setback requirements. The client will need to provide a subdivision plan with field notes, survey of the property showing location of all improvements, and square footage/#bedrooms.  

During the site evaluation a backhoe is used to dig two, 5-foot deep profile holes in the area of the proposed disposal field to determine soil type and depth.

Step 2            Design                                                          
Using the site evaluation information, the designer will determine what type of system the site will accommodate and design that system in accordance with current codes, standards and requirements of the governing agency.
Step 3            Permit- to-Construct                                 
The system design is submitted to the governing agency (usually the County Health Department) for review and issuance of a Permit to Construct.

Step 4            Cost Estimates                                                                              
While the county is reviewing the design, a licensed septic installer will bid the cost of installation per the design.

Step 5            Installation of System                              
When the Permit to Construct is issued the installer will install the system according to permitted design and under the supervision of the governing agency and designer.

Step 6            License to Operate                                   
When the installation and final inspections are complete and the system is operational, the governing agency issues a License to Operate. 

The entire process normally takes between 2- 6 months.

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